Bumps Beginnings


Early Pregnancy is an exciting, and scary time. It’s important that you and your family are all on the same page and supporting each other.

The Beginnings class is a three hour session, which guides you through the emotional ups and downs you may feel during your pregnancy.  It will help you to recognise, understand and process the incredible highs but also the frequent worries that pregnancy can present, in a way that strengthens and builds on the connections that already exist between you, your partner, and your bump. Enjoying this time together with your baby can also help with their emotional and psychological development, as their growing brain makes new connections and learns how to process emotions constructively.  Bumps Beginnings will help you to increase your energy levels and self-esteem at what can be a physically and emotionally draining time of your life!

You can complete the Beginnings course at any time during your pregnancy. It is suitable for both the early stages and later on. If you wish, Ali will also use this session to introduce you to the benefits of hypnosis with the Wise Hippo’s Prenatal Parenting exercises. These are specific tools to help you connect with yourself and your new bump on a deeper level.

'Beginnings' courses are generally run privately, in your home, to ensure you both feel comfortable.  The price is £60 per couple, which includes all course materials. For availability or to book, please contact Ali