Bumps Basics

If you are thinking about your options for antenatal classes but aren't sure about a 10-hour Birthing Programme, you may be interested in one of our 2.5 hour introductory sessions, called 'Bumps Basics'.

These shorter classes allow you and a birth partner to learn more about labour, hypnosis and birth planning, and even experience a Wise Hippo relaxation session.  You might then choose to move onto the full Birthing Programme, or you may feel that you have the Basics covered! Classes are available as group sessions or privately in your own home.

Included in every Bumps Basics session is:

  • A comprehensive look at how your body works and the physiology of labour

  • Signs to look out for so you know everything is going well

  • Tips and tricks to keep the birth process moving smoothly and to help your birth partner support you more effectively

  • A brief introduction to hypnobirthing

  • Simple relaxation techniques to keep you calm and controlled during the birth

  • A free relaxation Mp3 to practice with at home

Bumps Basics courses cost just £25 per couple for a group session, or £50 privately.

If you do decide to graduate to the full programme, the cost of the Basics class will be deducted from your fee.  Please see Upcoming Courses for group classes or alternatively message me for details.

Relax Breathe and Birth