Pregnancy Therapies


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage not only boost emotional wellbeing, but can also provide vital physical relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy. The technique is adapted from Swedish massage, which aims to boost circulation, release tension within the muscle fibes, and promote general physical and mental wellbeing.

Ali holds a VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies (including Swedish Massage) and has been trained its in safe and effective use in pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is particularly suitable after 12 weeks of pregnancy, especially for those experiencing the discomfort of sciatica, muscle pain, pelvic girdle pain or restless legs!

Massages can be performed either in the comfort of your home, or within the relaxing surroundings of Carlisle Therapies, a purposely designed therapy centre in Carlisle city centre. In some cases several treatments may be recommended, or you may prefer a one-off massage as a treat for yourself or a loved one. Contact Ali for a confidential, no obligation discussion of your needs, including gift vouchers.


The benefits of aromatherapy are far reaching, and as with massage, can be both physical and emotional. Ali can adapt any massage treatment using essential oil blends created specifically for your needs. Many “aromatherapy” massages use pre-selected blends but Ali’s knowledge and skills both as a midwife and aromatherapist can help her to create your own unique mixes, ensuring that you have maximum enjoyment and maximum benefit according to your situation. This also means massages can be tailored to account for any allergies, skin sensitivities, or medical needs (consultation with your midwife or doctor may be recommended, so please Contact Ali if you think this may be an issue).

Ali can also create personalised products for your use at home, for example bath oils or even special relaxation blends for use in labour.


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Prices and Booking

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