We believe a positive birth experience is a state of mind, it's not defined by what happens during labour and birth but by how a woman FEELS about her baby's birth.

- The Wise Hippo Ltd


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I went into hospital to get induced on the Monday morning. After discussions with the lead midwife we decided to start off with the cervical ripening balloon rather than the pessary. Although I had the pessary when induced with my first child and started having contractions within a couple of hours, we felt that the no drug option was better for our circumstances.

After the balloon was inserted we walked round the hospital, visited the new cafe and even played a board gameI However I started having cramps and soon couldn’t concentrate. After a decent nights sleep I was examined at 7am the next day and found to be 3cm so they broke my waters. Nothing happened over the next couple of hours so I was then put on the hormone drip. We made the room dark etc and although I was happy to chat to the midwives it was fairly quiet in the room.
Contractions got progressively stronger and I spent this time standing swaying from side to side and on my birthing ball. I listened to the relaxation tracks and spent some of the time kneeling over the back of the bed.

Shifts changed and the night staff checked me at 8pm. My midwife felt that I hadn’t made as much progress as expected, but she also reported that she could feel a large bulging sack of waters. We suspected that not all of my waters had been broken that morning and therefore the hormone drip wasn’t able to work as effectively as it should.

The doctor then broke my waters which I used gas and air for. The hormone drip was turned down to its lowest and I returned to kneeling over the back of the bed using gas and air for each contraction. The next 2 hours went very quickly. We think pushing started around 9.45pm and our daughter was born suddenly at 10.28pm.

Overall, it was a much better experience than my first labour and I feel that I was much more in control and aware of what was happening. Thanks again for everything.
— Abby, Carlisle